The Heights

For two years, I was a Staff Writer for The Heights, the independent student newspaper of Boston College. Below is a list of articles I wrote (note: I don’t write the titles):

This is the only article where I’m credited as “Steve”

I also wrote a sister article in this issue but it is somehow missing from the website

By far my best investigative/research article during my tenure. I was recognized by the National Student News Service with the following message:

To Whom It May Concern at BC Heights,

This message is intended for Steven Liu, whose recent article “Textbook
prices move Congress to act” was featured on the National Student News
Service website and in our bi-weekly news digest!

The National Student News Service is a nonprofit student news site that
focuses on promoting quality investigative journalism in the campus media.
We selected this article because we thought it was well-written, and
effectively used the tools of investigative journalism to cover an important
student issue.

You can find the article and check out our site at

Keep up the good work!

My first actual article for The Heights. I honestly had no idea what I was doing because I hadn’t written an article since middle school at that point.

First appearance in The Heights, although as a subject of an article. Correction: I am CSOM ’11, not A&S.

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