March Madness: Round of 32

Coming into the Round of 32, I had a possible 14/16 teams that could still potentially advance to the Sweet 16, and boy did I make each one of them count.  I correctly picked 14 of the 16 games, with my only misses being Arizona-Cleveland State and USC-Michigan State.  However, since the team I picked from each of those matchups was already knocked out in the first round, I essentially lost nothing and moved up to first in my pool.  The only close calls were Purdue-Washington and Gonzaga’s last minute basket against Western Kentucky.

Looking ahead to the Sweet 16, I have Louisville continuing their strong play against Arizona and Kansas edging out Michigan State.  UConn should get mkore of a challenge from Purdue, but they should advance.  Missouri and Memphis looks to be an interesting matchup, and this has the potential to screw up my bracket, but I think Memphis, who’s in my Final Four, will squeak by.  In the East, Pitt’s been looking good with Blair inside and they should be able to beat Xavier.  Villanova and Duke looks to be another close one.  However given Duke’s strong play as of late I think Villanova will be sent home packing.  UNC will get a tougher test from Gonzaga, but I just think they have too much depth.  Finally Syracuse and Oklahoma will pitch the Orange against Blake Griffin.  While Griffin has been a force in the Tournament, I just don’t think Oklahoma has enough depth to beat Syracuse.  And if this game goes to overtime, it’s Syracuse all the way.

Can’t wait for the games to start again!