Verizon Wireless commercials are deceptive

You know those creepy Verizon Wireless commercials where it looks like the customers are walking onto a horror movie until the Verizon guy and his crew show up?  I thought they were really clever and kind of funny.  Unfortunately though, I am now a Verizon Wireless customer and my horror story is real.  I am in a dead zone, aka 66 Comm Ave.  My calls get dropped.  It’s like I don’t even exist.  Seriously people, 5/5 calls dropped today.  Now that I think of it, anyone want to make a spoof Verizon commercial in 66?

At least I can still get texts, which means I can Twitter.  Sadly I’m not famous/powerful enough (read Sarah Lacy) to get a major telecom company’s attention via Twitter and fix my problem.  Instead I entertain my TechTrek friends and a couple of creepy random followers with mundane events in my life.  Add that to my list of life goals:

  • Fly first class without financial concern
  • Write and publish a book
  • Start a family
  • Be a season ticketholder for my local basketball team
  • Establish my own scholarship fund
  • Travel to every continent (minus Antarctica)
  • Have the power to influence real life events with my Facebook or Twitter