De-troit Basketball

As an ardent Orlando Magic fan, I have to be happy with my team’s performance this year even after the injury of Jameer Nelson.  Despite our success though, I’m becoming increasingly disturbed (and irked) that regardless of the circumstances, the Detroit Pistons seem to have our number.  The latest setback came tonight when Detroit beat us again 98-94, completing a season sweep of the series.  This is a Detroit team that traded away Chauncey Billups, has an injured Iverson, has an injured Rasheed Wallace, lost to the Wizards and OKC Thunder, and in general disappointed this season.  Yet somehow they have no problem manhandling the Magic.

Our domination at the hands of Detroit dates back to the days of T-Mac, when we lost in the first round of the playoffs after being up 3-1.  The last 2 seasons we’ve been knocked out of the playoffs by Detroit, winning just 1 game in those two series.

The worst part though is right now the Magic are the 3 seed in the East and the Pistons are the 6, meaning there’s a very real chance we’ll be playing them in the playoffs.  I hate to say this but unless the Magic can figure something out, we could be looking at an upset and first round exit.