Sports Section

I do write about sports quite often so to set the record straight, these are the teams that I am proud to root for:

Professional Sports

Basketball: First and foremost, an Orlando Magic fan (former hometown and first pro sports team) but also support current hometown Philadelphia 76ers. I also used to root for the Houston Rockets when they had McGrady and a healthy Yao.

Football: Philadelphia Eagles

Tennis: Roger Federer

English Premiere League: Started following Arsenal FC from my year abroad. They seem like a team with a passionate fan base and they were the “local team” in Islington.

College Sports

Basketball: Boston College Eagles. Trying to wean myself off of my childhood North Carolina Tar Heels due to ACC conflicts of interest.

Football: Boston College Eagles. Coming from Pennsylvania, I also feel obliged to root for Joe Pa and the Penn State Nittany Lions.

In addition, I root for anyone playing against the Lakers, Giants, Cowboys, Yankees, and Notre Dame. When no other allegiances are at stake, I’ll also support the local team of whatever city I’m in.

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