Freshly Pressed

Wow, that was unexpected. After more than a month long hiatus, I tried to get back into blogging with some thoughts on lessons learned from Digg’s failure. Little did I know my ramblings would be picked up by the WordPress editorial staff and”Freshly Pressed” on the WordPress homepage. I’m still not sure what the exact criteria for getting Freshly Pressed are or how my blog post made it on there. I happened to get pressed on the same day as the blog post from that mom with the cross dressing kid. The subject of that post got onto CNN.

I didn’t get that kind of publicity, but what followed for the next 24+ hours was an explosion of activity. In one day, I got nearly 2,000 hits- about a quarter of all the hits I’d gotten in the past 2 years total. I was also flooded with comments on the post and I read every one of them because I manually moderate everything that gets posted. It was incredible that people valued my opinions and somewhat of a validation of the time I’ve spent as a blogger and amateur tech enthusiast.

So what happens from here on out? The Freshly Pressed bump is still going strong four days later with over 100 views. I don’t have any plans to monetize this right now although if I keep getting this level of traffic it may not hurt lol. What I do know is that this blog will remain a mishmash of my travels and activities, rants about my favorite sports teams and TV shows, and occasional insightful analysis into the world of technology and business.

I hope you guys continue to enjoy it and check back for updates!

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