Campus Recruiting as a Sport

It’s good to be back at BC, but this semester is going to be hectic in large part due to on campus job recruiting. It’s stressful and eating up a large chunk of my time, but if I’m going to get through it, I have to make it fun don’t I? Therefore, I’m going to compare the job search process to a professional sports season:

  • Training Camp (Career fairs, information sessions): Get you back into shape. Also gives you a chance to make some evaluations and finalize your roster.
  • Pre-Season (Mock interviews, preliminary interviews, phone interviews): Final tuneup before the real thing begins.
  • Regular Season (1st round interviews): First chance to make a lasting impression. Performance in this round will determine whether or not you advance.
  • Post Season (2nd round interviews): Stakes are higher this time as we get closer to the big prize.
  • Championship (Getting an offer): Obviously this is everyone’s ultimate goal. Let’s hope I can win a championship.

As you can probably guess I’ll pretty much be on social media blackout until November or whenever I get a job. I apologize if I’m anti-social and unresponsive until then. Don’t worry, I’ll catch up in the off-season!