I’m an idiot: how not to deal with a credit card problem

Quick, embarassing side storing about my time in France: Last night while I was booking my train tickets to Normandy, I thought my credit card may have gotten frozen. I tried calling CapitalOne but I couldn’t figure out how to make an international collect call.  So desperate to figure out whether my credit card worked or not, I decided to buy something online as a test and then cancel it if it worked.  So I went on NBA.com and ordered an Orlando Magic Eastern Conference Champion T-shirt.  Good news: it went through.  Bad news: NBA.com does not take cancellations or returns.  I love the Magic and I was going to get something to commemorate this post season run, but I was kind of holding out for them to beat LA so I could get the NBA Champions T-shirt.  Now it looks like I’m stuck with an Eastern Conference Champs shirt.  Oh well. Let’s go Magic!

By the way, I later did get ahold of CapitalOne and they said I was never frozen out.  If anything it was probably an issue with the Internet provider or web site.  Lesson: Don’t buy thing to test out your credit card and don’t buy things you can’t cancel/return!