The Magic are still alive!

Magic Celtics Basketball

It appeared questionable at times but the Magic finally took care of business and looked like the smooth offensive team that everyone expected. Now it’s time to take on Lebron and the Cavs for a shot at our first Finals appearance since Shaq and Penny got swept by the Rockets. Let’s Go Magic!

Cleveland Cavaliers v. Orlando Magic: Once again Cleveland has over a week off while their opponent is coming off a 7 game series. I feel cautoiusly optimistic about our chance to upset Cleveland (yes it would be an upset) because: 1) we looked pretty good offensively in Game 7, 2) we blew out the Cavs late in the season after Jameer went out 3) Dwight will make life hard on Lebron on the defensive end and Cleveland’s big men can’t stop Dwight on offense. Now that being said, this is the Cavs team that hasn’t lost in the post season yet and with Lebron in the lineup anything’s possible. Still, I’m going out on a peronally biased limb here to call the upset. Orlando in 7.

LA Lakers v. Denver Nuggets: Up until Game 7, the Lakers looked very vulnerable struggling against the Yao-less Rockets. Denver on the other hand easily handled Denver. This series though should be different. I think LA got a wake up call in the second round and Kobe and the gang will be more focused against a higher ranked opponent. Look for a series of entertaining and emotional high scoring games. In the end though, Denver has no one to guard Kobe. LA in 6.

Enjoy the games because I probably will not be able to from Paris. Thank goodness for though. Let’s Go Magic!


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