Rockin’ the Suburbs


Ben Folds

Ben Folds

Yep, the one and only Ben Folds was at BC this Friday, and boy did he put on a show.  Ben played for about an hour and hit almost all my favorites including You Don’t Know Me, Brick, Rockin’ the Suburbs, Annie Waits, Landed, Zak and Sara, Not the Same, and a finale of Bitches Ain’t Shit. The only song I wanted to hear that was not played was The Luckiest, but I guess a slow song like that would have killed a lot of the energy. The man’s piano and performance skills are absolutely amazing. I wish I was half the piano player he was…or even a quarter. One really cool trick he did was put Altoid tins on the piano strings to get the synthesizer-like sound for Free Coffee. I really want to try that on my own now, although I don’t think it’s too healthy for the piano. Maybe I’ll try it on one of the pianos in Lyons.

The other headliner Friday night, Lupe Fiasco, was not as impressive. I wasn’t too familiar with Lupe going in–I only know one of his songs, Superstar–so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. If Lupe was hoping to win me over with Friday night, he failed miserably. First of all, it took more than an hour to reset the stage for Lupe which completely killed any energy after Ben Folds. When Lupe finally came on the stage, he was loud but that was about it. The man belted out all his songs with no dynamics at all and instead of the “Cool Lu” voice the entire set sounded more like Linkin Park’s unrestrained yelling. Lupe also pranced around the stage with no logical choreography like a little kid at a BounceU. At times he appeared out of breath and other times drunk. Worst of all his entire set played out like a bizarre cross between an episode of Behind the Music and an infomertial. Honestly you do not need to take 5 minutes in the middle of your show to tell everybody to go out and buy you and your friends’ albums. Heck Jukebox the Ghost was less desperate than that.

Speaking of which, the opening act for the show was pretty interesting. Their subject matter was certainly strange (the Antichrist and the Apocalypse) but I liked their sound (hooray keyboard!). It was kind of a cross between Death Cab for Cutie and Jack Penate perhaps? Anyway, I would be interested in following them in the future. Lupe? Not so much.


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